Wave jumping photoshoot
My son, Eddy Patricelli, is editor of Windsurfing Magazine, and the magazine has a constant, insatiable appetite for good windsurfing photography. So sometimes Eddy calls on "the old man" to help him out with a project. As a professional "commercial" photographer, the challenge is getting, in the best photographic sense, a pre-determined scenario. It is the difference between passively seeing something beautiful and capturing it and MAKING the photographic goal happen out of nothing. In this case Eddy explained he had arranged for one of his friends, Dale Cook, who is a spectacular wave jumper, to meet us at The Wall. The goal was a continuous sequence of the perfect wave jump; the set up, the drive into the wave, the takeoff, the flight , and finally the landing. It was an interesting 2 hours, and we caught 22 jump sequences. The picture immediately below, a composite of 8 sequential shots, is the final result which appeared in the magazine. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! And there were other shots that, even by themselves, stood out. And I got time to sniff some roses.
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