Being a father has it's physical dangers. Namely, that kids introduced to sports early develop faster and get better than those of us that start in middle age. When my attempts to "keep up" with my sons on some really dangerous ski slopes resulted in a fractured vertebra in my back, I read the handwriting on the wall. There was nothing more I could do but watch while they developed skills I would never have.
It was the same with windsurfing, which has been a passion for both boys. Summer jobs for the boys in the Columbia Gorge led to my buying a trailer there, initially for them to live in, and resulted in my discovering the multitude of fishing and other recreational opportunities in that area. Little did I know that for my oldest, Eddy, it would become his, so far, life's work. Right out of High School he took a year off and was an instructor in Cancun, living in a beachfront condo with maid service. After four years of college he was an instructor in Aruba. I guess college was the difference between Cancun and Aruba. Then there was the Great Transatlantic Windsurfing Race. Then he was hired by Windsurfing Magazine, and now he is editor. Which is, really, work. Not that teaching windsurfing to scantily clad, if at all, Dutch stewardesses in Aruba wasn't???!!!!
Windsurfing is a kick. Through a 12 power, 600mm autofocus lens with sun, spray, and colorful sails, it is almost as much fun as being there. Here are Eddy and Matt. Like the flower pictures, these make great, colorful placemats.
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