All pictures displayed here are for sale in a variety of formats: unmounted glossy print, Foamcore (dryboard) mounted, screensavers, and placemats. The unmounted prints are suitable for framing. The Foamcore mounted prints can be printed either with or without a white framing border (full bleed). In either format they are ready for mounting directly on a wall without further framing or glass and are quite attractive and cost effective that way. See Placemats below. The natural size ratio of 35mm pictures is 2 to 3 so that the natural, uncropped sizes are:

8 x 12 10 x15 12 x 18 16 x 24 Other sizes by request

Please call for pricing.

Placemats: These are my personal favorites. The prints are produced on 11x17 paper with a white border, then laminated into a sealed, nearly indestructible unit for table placemats. The image size is 10 x 15. They are very utilitarian and really liven up a table placesetting, As a set of different pictures they catch the eye and inevitably provoke comment. Only horizontally oriented pictures (landscape orientation) are suitable for placemats. Placemats @ $10 or 4/$36, 6/$50, or 8/$64.

For comments or questions contact me at:
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