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Picture Specifications/Quality
In order to have a photograph technically worthy of enlargement and reproduction, one needs to use a good lens (Nikon); sharp, color saturated film (Fujichrome Velvia/Provia); good exposure; a high density, color sensitive scanner (Nikon); and finally a good printer (Epson). All this work is commercial reproduction quality. However, that does NOT necessarily come through on a website because of the need to keep the picture size down. Anything posted on the WEB is up for grabs by anyone for any purpose. These pictures are kept small in order that, not only is loading time faster and storage size minimized, but so that any unauthorized enlargement will result in severe pixilation. The parent images are capable of enlargement to an amazing 16x24 inches and still remain razor tack sharp to close inspection.. The following two images are that size within larger frames, dominating our kitchen.
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