The Skeena River
What are the odds of spending a week fishing the fabled Skeena and Kispiox Rivers and
have 6 days of sunshine and dropping, clearing water? The challenge here was twofold; how to put the rod down when any cast could bring the steelhead of a lifetime, and to overcome the fear of slipping on large, slick boulders carrying both an expensive spey rod
and a very much more expensive camera and lens.

I almost missed the best pictures of the group, #13 and #14, with the reflection off the aspen. I had forgotten that I had the polarizing filter on the camera and I was sitting there, with polaroid glasses on, not seeing much, thinking that there must be a better picture here. I took off my glasses, looked through the lens, rotated the filter and WHAM! The reflection off the still water in the foreground lit up like a match thrown onto gas.
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