That said, clearly my heart resides in the thousands of fly clubs scattered across the country. And at the heart of each club meeting is the program, a presentation on some topic of conservation, technique, or fishery that will expand the general knowledge of each member. Given my proclivity to travel, take pictures, and open my mouth, I guess that it was inevitable that I would start presenting programs.
There was a time when, in the northwest, we could point smugly to our largely native, pristine, and in some cases unique fisheries for salmon, steelhead, and trout. We still had what the rest of the country had largely lost. Wow, has that changed. To our detriment and to the benefit of the rest of the country. Fabulous fisheries now exist all along the east coast, right in the center of urban America. The northwest fisherman, before traveling to other countries and continents, should experience what fabulous fishing now exists within the U.S. itself.
I have presented one or more of these programs to nearly every FFF affiliated fly club in Washington and Oregon over the last four years. Some clubs, having seen one of my programs, immediately booked the whole series and wait for new ones. Two clubs have, after seeing my DRY FLY FISHING DESERT LAKES program, booked me back a second time for members who missed it, which I take as the ultimale compliment.
In addition to the four flyers presented here, I also now offer CUBA and TEXAS REDFISHING. I am working on (somebody's got to do it) Florida and Everglades.
I don't have a set price for presentations but scale it to the structure of the club and travel distance. Getting in a day's fishing with a local member is a great inducement.
If anyone is interested, contact me.
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