Texas Redfish
My first contact with Corpus Christi and redfishing came 15 years ago when I got up the first morning of a windsurfing only trip with my two sons, having driven in the night before, and, opening up the door to our cheapo motel room, almost got run down by a continuous string of bizarre looking tunnel hull flats boats. Turned out the motel was right on the mainland side of the major causeway out to Padre Island. For the whole week between windsurfing runs I watched fishermen, boats, and swirls of fish, and vowed to come back some day.
The opportunity came when booking the Belize trip also documented here and found out the connection was through Houston, where we had landed for the windsurfing trip. Could we stop for three days and fish Corpus Christi before continuing on to Belize? You bet! Turned out the Texas redfishing was better and more exciting than the fishing in Belize.
Laguna Madre is the name of the large and long inland estuary formed by the barrier islands that are North Padre and South Padre Islands and stretches from Corpus Christi Bay 100 miles south to the Mexican border at Brownsville. The middle sections between the two cities is very isolated and essentially non-tidal. Water depths are determined more by the wind direction and to a lesser degree by runoff, much like Mosquito Lagoon in Florida. For a couple of flats fisherman who had never caught redfish and were used to the paranoid twitchiness of bonefish, it was endlessly amazing that those immediate surges of water that occured when we cast were, instead of fleeing fish, charges to the fly.
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