Cackling Geese
The Cackling Goose group of subspecies are the smallest of the Canada type species, the smallest running 3-4 pounds and distinguished by it's most high pitched "yelp". No "HONK" in this little critter. Once nearly extinct they have proliferated with protection and now in the winter immense flocks cover the grass fields of the southern Willamette valley. Three subspecies, the minima, the Aleutian goose, and the Taverners mix freely. They are the small, smaller, and smallest. Throw into some of the same habitat four subspecies of true Canada geese, the Western, the Vancouver, the Dusky, and the Lesser and you have a truly bewildering problem of accurate identification. The biggest, the Western Canada, and the smallest, the minima Cackler, are the easiest. The minima is just plain CUTE!
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