The Willamette River IN Eugene
For many cities with rivers running through them across the country, the cycle has come full circle. The river, as a transportation or commodity source begets the settlement, which grows into a town, then city. The development fouls and pollutes the river, which is walled off like the sewer it is. Then, starting in the 1960's, water quality became a big issue and rivers were cleaned up. Now, cities embrace and showcase the rivers that begot them. Eugene and the Willamette are prime examples.

The Willamette splits the town right down the middle. Every Eugenian who goes out of their house has to cross the river multiple times a day. Ignoring I-5 which is NOT a city traffic bridge, there are 5 automobile bridges AND 4 BICYCLE/FOOTPATH bridges. 13 miles of paved, dedicated bike and footpaths line both sides of the river from city limit to city limit, as well as the bulk of the city's parks. On a hot summer day, most of the city will be doing something on or near the river.
Lower Willamette
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