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Redtail Hawk taking a shower (while eating a mouse)
In the Wamic area on the eastern slope of Mt Hood, it gets very hot in the summer, as in the 100's. This summer while driving through the area I noticed a hawk sitting on an irrigation line getting sprayed with each round of the sprinkler, but I did not have my telephoto lens. So the next time I was driving thru the area I had the camera with me and I was looking for this. Unfortunately, the sprinkler was way off the main road and I couldn't get closer.

This is, actually, a common sight in this area. Although most of eastern Oregon would seem to have the basic ingredients, a large Redtail population, stifling heat in the summer, and irrigation sprinklers everywhere, but I have never noticed this until now, here. In any case, these fuzzy pictures are just appetite stimulants. Now that I an sensitized to seeing this, I will get better pictures next summer