summer day I drove east up the McKenzie Valley and just stopped every time a road or bridge crossed the river. If these meager pictures can be had without really trying, just think what the river looks like in its best moods. I also found what I wanted, the river being used in almost every conceivable fashion from fishermen to kayakers to swimmers, and then the water intake for Eugene/Springfield at Hayden Bridge. Clearly, with the possible, maybe, exception of the Pacific Ocean, the McKenzie is the primary recreational resource in Lane County.
It has taken a lot of work by the McKenzie Flyfishers and many other river and conservation groups to protect and preserve what we have got. There are threats yearly from huge riverside developments to single homebuilders that want to fudge and tweak the zoning laws so they can have a lawn right down to the water and a treeless view of the river. We can't blame them, but if everyone did that, the river would be highly degraded.
These pictures start at about McKenzie Bridge and work downriver. I will add to them as soon as the sun comes out, promised for sometime late spring.
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