Hawks, Owls, and Eagles
The recovery of the Peregrine Falcon and the American Bald Eagle are two of the most profound success stories in U.S. conservation history. The fact that one can now see eagles as an almost daily occurence in Seattle, WA and certainly Eugene, OR among many other places truly moves me. Growing up in Seattle as a boy who was acutely aware of the birds around me, it was beyond comprehension then that I might see a Bald Eagle there while waiting out a red light on a city street.

Good pictures of wild raptors are hard to get. They are hard to approach, flitting, darting, nervous creatures on the move. They chose their loitering places carefully. There is a pair of Peregrines that nest on the cliff behind my house in The Dalles, but one can't get close enough even with a 600mm lens. Eagles will come more easily.
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