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"If you really want to catch False Albacore you ought to go to Harker's Island", Capt Ellis said when I started asking him about the Albert fishing in late summer on Cape Cod. "There are many more fish, and they are bigger"
"Where is that?"
"North Carolina"
Hmmm... Harker's Island. It sounded to me like a laid back, coastal, lowland, backwater, working waterman's North Carolina place. Like the setting for Robert Ruark's "The Old Man and the Boy". And that's exactly what it is.
I have so many memories and thoughts about Harkers it is with great restraint that I don't go running off here. Better you find them out for yourself.
But one thing you need to get straight. In 350 years of settlement and only the last forty with an actual road bridge to the mainland, you've got to assume at times they ran short of things on Harkers and learned to do without. One of the most obvious is apostrophes. It is NOT Harker's, it is emphatically Harkers. Now In Beaufort on the mainland 10 miles away it is Harker's (as in "Harker's Island clam chowder" on a menu), but not on Harkers. When I asked Donovan, born and bred and educated on Harkers, he carefully explained it so that there would be no confusion.
"He don't own it!"
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