Given the number and variety of wildlife that uses the usually grassy camping spots, the nightlife can be exciting. Getting up barefoot to answer nature's call is always a challenge, knowing how much rattlers like hunting rabbits and mice in the lush grass at night. One night when we were spending two days in a favorite camp spot, my wife observed, "something really big brushed against the tent last night". I checked and found the grass between our tent and the trunk of the tree under which we had
pitched the tent quite crushed and trampled, by something big.
"Must have been a deer, maybe a coyote" I said. "It sure enough walked right between the tent and the tree."
"Let's keep the spotlight handy and see if we can see the
deer when they come down into camp tonight."
Since we had a powerful, 5 cell, focusable spotlight, it seemed like a great idea. That night she nudged me awake.
"I hear something"
I listened and sure enough I could hear a large creature gently stirring somewhere in front of the tent. I flipped over on my stomach and inched down the zipper on the netting, then the fly, then cleared them gently out of the way so my wife had a view also. We huddled and peered out. It was pitch black, but something was out there. I located the source of the sound as best I could, aimed the flashlight, and pushed the switch.
It took several seconds to sort out the picture, but I eventually realized that the light covered part was a human backside, kneeling down, ...uh, relieving herself.
"Sorry B......", I said, flipping off the light.

Trump Doyle
McKenzie Flyfishers
June 1989
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