So.... you want to teach your wife how to flyfish...
I'm a very lucky person. About once a month I wake up, and while my wife is bringing me the paper to read in bed, I'll decide that what I really want to do is go fishing. "I think I need a mental
health day", I'll say. My wife will perk up and say, "gee, what a great idea, how about if we go fishing. I noticed some seagulls picking mayflies off the water in the river when I was shopping at Valley Center yesterday. There must be a good hatch about two o'clock. I tied up some Adams in case we needed them. I can pack a lunch and we can spend the day on the river together". I blink my eyes in disbelief.
About then I usually wake up. As you know, nothing ever really HAPPENS in a dream. The reason I count myself as lucky is that I can even still have this particular fantasy. I mean, I have given up on winning the Nobel Peace Prize, the state lottery, and sleeping with at least 100 attractive women I can think of off hand, but I can still indulge in this particular fantasy. Without breaking out in a cold sweat. After what I've been through.
It's only natural, I suppose, to want to share one's life passion with one's life passion. And it seems so reasonable and logical. When you're just starting to court, they are so willing. Have you
ever noticed that, before marriage, you can talk a women into just about anything, at least once, and that includes waders, float tubes, duck blinds, etc. And they smile and giggle sweetly as they look at themselves in baggy, man sized waders, thinking of the fashion statement they are making. And it's OK if they aren't catching fish, because their with you, and vice versa.
Now don't get me wrong. There are many things in life that are difficult, even impossible, but that are elevating just in the pursuit. But so far, let me say, this isn't one of them. If looked at with the cold eye of reason, by my experience..... The best and worst thing that can be said for this fantasy of
teaching your wife to fly fish is that you only have a finite number of chances, and wives, and the act itself is primae facia evidence for irreconcilable differences in a divorce suit. Not that this little essay, and it's gruesome revelations, will dissuade anyone. P.T Barnum had a saying for it relating the act

of procreation and the passage of time. At least we've all been there.
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