I traveled to Cuba for the fishing in the spring of 2002. I still consider it the best and most rewarding week of my travel-fishing-life. The best part was being on the live-aboard 80 foot yacht, the Halcon, guides, fishermen, cook, captain, all living and operating on a common ground. Experiencing in only the most superficial way Cuba and all it's contradictions was not the least of it.
After I returned, it took several days for the glow to wear off. I wrote these four vignette's to try and capture the mood of what I experienced before it faded, without any real intention of publication. They are, I hope them to be at least, my best attempt at a written photograph of a Cuban moment. Photographs of the trip are available in the flyfishing photographic section
Introduction To Tarpon 101
Why do I always get this one wrong?
It's hard to get a good shave with a big tarpon under the boat
How can someone be a political hero both in Miami AND Havana?
Photographs of the trip to Cuba
Fishtales Start
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