The Deschutes River
It is somewhat ironic that I have spent more time on the "D" than any other river in my life, a calculated 1 year in the first decade I lived in Oregon, and have fewer pictures of it than just about any other river. The explanation is that I have been deeply back into photography only in the last four years, and by then I was driven off the "D" by the summer crowds. It is just too good for too many things, the fishing being the least of it.
It is very hard to go back to a river that one remembers having to oneself, of it taking hours just to sort through the big trout hanging under a single tree. As the pressure increased we fished the harder and harder spots to get untouched water, until the water we were fishing bordered on suidical.
The "D" is often a very difficult river due to steep banks, heavy water, little flow variation which allows trees and bushes to grow far out over the water, and the regulation that ONE MUST WADE! But it is, and remains, marvelous if you can get your mind set right. I have enough memories on the "D" to last a lifetime. These meager offerings don't express 1 billionth of the "D's" beauty and grandeur.
The pictures will come with time. The "D" is just too beautiful and too good to ignore.
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