Cape Cod 2008
Our annual "Patricelli Invitational" June week on Cape Cod for the striper (and "other") fishing came off without a major glitch. The weather, against all forecasts, delivered day after day. Overall, this year will be known as "the year of the TUNA", as the school Bluefins arrived and had already melted the guides fuses even before we started. 12 flyfishers from the NW, mid-west, TN, and Boston assembled for the 10th year.

6 of us got an early start by arriving up to 6 days early for as much shore fishing as we could muster. Overall the shore fishing was poor compared to last year, speculation being that the sudden blistering weather caused the shore temperatures to soar rapidly, driving the fish offshore. And we certainly knew they were offshore. 2 early arrivals got in an early day with one of our guides as he had a cancellation and they literally wore out their arms on square miles (no kidding) of surface breaking bass 35" and up. They quit early due to exhaustion.

We had out annual steelhead dinner saturday night and Bob Parsons, Ray (dlangan) and his son from the Reel-Time internet flyfishing Cape Cod forum dropped by to sample the steelhead, share the beer, and swap stories. They were very helpful in sharing fishing spots and stories were told.

During the pre-guide shore fishing we scoped out many launching spots we intend to use in the coming year(s) with our inflatable dinghey when we acquire a motor. Naturally I made panoramas everywhere I went.

The final score was 4 tuna brought to boatside (2 killed, none hooked on fly gear), the most notable 2 by Bert, our 85 year old inspiration, 2 stripers harvested and consumed, the largest stripers at 45" (by a newbie on this trip on his second day) and 44", the largest we've ever taken in 10 years.

Pictures by various, whoever was there.
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