Belize - Turneffe Island
While there are many different fishing sites and lodges in Belize, and I have only spent 1 week at one of them, they all start with a landing at Belize City. We were told by natives that they don't consider Belize a third world country, only a 2 1/2 world country. For one yearning to see the sparkling clear carribean waters one sees flying into, say Cancun, Belize City, the Belize river running through the center of it, and the surrounding water is truly disheartening. Built on a barely filled tidal marsh, there is no downhill, down somewhere else, for the effluent to go. But after a 2 hour ride out to the outer reef that constitues the Turneffe reef and island chain, one's expectations are restored.
My only regret was that we spent the entire week blind casting in the passes for tarpon, and they just weren't there. The one day we spent bonefishing was truly inspiring, and I can only fantasize as to the pictures I might have taken, or someday might take, of huge moving schools of bonefish there.
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