This video was taken with an Optio 43WR pocket waterproof camera I carry whenever fishing. The video quality it not perfect, but this camera so often has the advantage of BEING HANDY and BEING THERE! ONLY if you have QUICKTIME installed on your computer AND if you have high speed internet, click on the link below. Loading time will take about 4 minutes since this is a 15 MB file. Dial-up will take a VERY long time, probably not worth it.
If possible you should maximize the picture and turn your sound to high. Read below as it loads.

You will see Frank Cammack casting out to a submerged rock in a tailout. If you look closely you can see the V of the skated fly. On the second cast a fish shows behind the fly and misses it. Frank laughs and turn to smile at us and the fish then CRUSHES the fly when Frank is not looking. I yell at Frank to set the hook, Frank looks back and jerks but the fish is gone. I drop the camera slightly while yelling. The fly comes back out of deep water showing that the fish took it down.

Frank casts again short where the fish showed but nothing. He makes another long cast to the rock and on the swing, exactly as before, the fish shows behind the fly without touching it, then returns and CRUSHES it again. Frank hooks up and the fight is on. On the second jump the fish comes loose. The fish was estimated around 10-12#.

This was taken in the Snake River in Hell's Canyon in November, 2006
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