The Metolius River
This is bound to disappoint anyone hoping for an extensive section of Metolius pictures. Not that the Metolius doesn't deserve it. The Metolius is a unique Oregon river, one of a kind. Some think it is the most beautiful river in the state. Since that is a matter of taste, there no arguing with that. Could be.
But the reason there aren't more pictures is that I don't fish the Metolius all that much (not that I necessarily have a lot of pictures of rivers that I fish very often, like the McKenzie or the Willamette). One reason is that due to it's character, dry fly fishing on the Met is rather rare in my limited experience. The second reason is that, being so unique and beautiful, for most of the summer season the nearly wall to wall campgrounds between Camp Sherman and the gorge are filled and the pressure on the river is more than I want to compete with. It takes a certain mindset both to accept blind nymphing and crowds. I have nymphed a lot and been successful enough at it that it's there for me if I ever get desparate and just HAVE to catch fish. And, I can tolerate some pretty ugly situations if the fishing makes it worth it. For me, on the Metolius, the equation just doesn't quite work.
Not that I haven't had some memorable moments, like when the planter rainbow hooked on a very light tippet ran deep into the pool and got et by something MUCH bigger.
I do spend time around the Metolius. Putting a section in here will force me to prowl and carry the camera. It is a magical river, almost too perfect and unbelievable, popping from the gound fully formed like that. As you can see, the magic of one spot DID inspire me.
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