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A Rental House in Maui
The problem was getting a rental house big enough to house the extended family, the grandparents, three sets of parents, and the grandchildren. The result was right out of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous". The "house" was a central unit with two semi-attached smaller but independent kitchen/living room/bedroom units, all connected by glass enclosed passageways. Behind the gated entrance was 5 acres of manicured palms and tropical fruit trees, a private pool, sauna, and hot tub, and a tennis court. Under and through the clustered units ran a Koi pond with the continuous sound of running water and an evening chorus of intimidatingly sized frogs.

"Willie Nelson satyed here the last time he was in Maui", the caretaker told us. But the experience was not without its problems. In the first 24 hours the water system (for the whole district) failed. Basking in the "lifestyle" was somewhat diluted by the need to fill kiddie sand pails with water from the Koi pond to flush the toilets. I would have loved to see Willie doing that.

It was an experience. Which we cannot afford to repeat anytime soon. So we have adequately documented our 15 minutes of fame here.