Certainly not the least of the whole experience of spending time in Hawai'i is being surrounded by the flowers. Their beauty and color fill every sweep of our eyes, and it is planned that way. And, we are led to believe, that flowers played a central role in Hawaiian culture, forget the fact that very few, if any of the flowers most commonly identified with Hawaii today are, in fact, not native there. The fragrant and delicate Plumeria, prized for the most expensive, if not short-lived of leis, is the Frangipangi blossom of old english writing from colonial India.
But why quibble. Enjoying flowers is the most simple of pleasures, forget the details, the scientific names. Just look, see, and marvel. It can be that simple.
The following pictures really make marvelous placemats, making any table setting pop to life. Simplicity.
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